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"Your soul has fallen to bits and pieces. Good. Rearrange them to suit yourself."

— Hermann Hesse, Steppenwolf (via aestheticintrovert)


(Source: wordsnquotes, via aestheticintrovert)


My heart it waits
My heart it aches
Cos we’re untamed
Flutter around each other 
Fan the flames
Pull so tight together 
There’s no escape 
Till we explode 
Shatter from the force
Go supernova
And come undone
Fall apart 
Then retract
Into hearts pieced together
Fractured forever


I hate that you loved her before me

That you love me more because I am nothing like her

That my kisses rest over hers in your mouth

I hate that you’ve had the feel of her

Pliant where I am rigid

So my prominent bones must feel like shards of glass

On Seduction

I am seduced by words, 

By cadence,

complexity and sound

By movement and the way you shape your mouth

To say words I’ve heard a thousand times before

Edge of Love

This love it seems will be the end of us
The end of lust
The end of trust

This love it seems will conquer us
Clobber us
And smother us

This love is on the ledge of love
The edge of love
The end of love


Currently reading #loveandmisadventure #langleav #warsanshire #teachingmymothertogivebirth

Currently reading #loveandmisadventure #langleav #warsanshire #teachingmymothertogivebirth